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The Gift of Connection – Fingerprint Lockets


There is nothing more meaningful than being connected to your Loved One each and every day. We are honored to be able to help you do that through personalized Fingerprint Jewelry and Keepsakes that allow you to feel every distinct detail that makes a Loved One’s fingerprint unique. A tangible connection that you can carry, always.


It is our passion to help families stay close with those they love, and we are truly humbled when we hear from you about the connection you find in your Jewelry and Keepsakes. Recently, a few people have shared with us the meaning they have experienced through their Fingerprint Locket.


“I was so very happy that we had the option to have my father’s fingerprint put in something that I could keep close to my heart.”

- Diane


“Beautiful piece to honor my husband. It was a great gift for my son.”

- Dea


“I could not even imagine how well made and gorgeous the Fingerprint Locket would be - it is stunning and brings me great comfort opening it up often to touch my mom's fingerprint.”

- Tampa


No matter the occasion, we are proud to be able to connect you with your Loved Ones. Our expert artists handcraft each piece with your unique bond in mind, and carefully ensure that the Jewelry and Keepsakes you receive are a beautiful treasure that you can cherish and find meaningful closeness through.


Thank you for sharing your experience with personalized Fingerprint Keepsakes and Jewelry. We are so thankful for you.