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Their Light Lives On: Personalized Zippo® Lighter


A Loved One’s light continues to shine, well after they have passed away.


Our Zippo Lighter helps remind families of that lasting connection by acting as a beautiful memorial. Engraved with a Loved One’s unique fingerprint along with a custom inscription, each personalized Zippo offers a tangible, comforting way to honor a beloved family member or friend.


Recently, families have shared with us how their own Fingerprint Zippo Lighter has helped keep the spirit of their late Loved Ones alive. Here are just a few of their meaningful stories:


“I collect Zippos for a hobby and the one with my dad’s fingerprint is my prized possession. If you are like me and love your Zippos and love your parents, the one with the fingerprints will be your favorite.”

  • Angelika S.


“It was amazing quality and something I will be able to cherish for the rest of my life until I meet my Loved One again.”

  • Kevin D.


“Gave this to my sister after our father’s passing. It brought her to tears. So happy to make him feel close to us even after he is gone.”

  • Sarah S.


“I bought these Lighters for my sons to give to them after their dad passed away and they are the best gift I could give to them. They loved them. I told them now they can carry their dad with them forever.”

  • Deena K.


“My husband loves his Zippo! I gave it to him in his birthday. He misses his mom so much.”

  • Heather C.


“Very Impressed with the Zippo. My brother’s fingerprint added such a beautiful touch to it. It was a very special gift to give to my father on his 1st Father’s Day without his son.”

  • Angela S.


To all who have lost a Loved One, may you continue to feel the comfort of their presence.