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Ways to Find Comfort After Loss


Finding comfort is an important part of the grieving process after a family member or friend passes away. It can help you to feel a sense of peace as you begin your journey to healing. Not everyone will find comfort after loss in the same way, and that is okay. However, we hope that these ideas for ways to be comforted can help you as you navigate this difficult time.


Talk to someone about what you’re going through.

It can be easy to feel alone in your grief, but you don’t have to. There are other people who are feeling the same way you are who are willing to speak with you about grief. Consider reaching out to individuals who are going through a similar situation or have experienced loss in the past. Friends, family members, therapists, and bereavement groups are all great options and can help you find comfort in different ways.


Keep a memento that reminds you of them.

Holding something tangibly in your hands that reminds you of a late Loved One can help you feel close to their spirit and find comfort in their presence. Fingerprint Jewelry and Keepsakes are beautiful mementos that provide this physical connection. Feel the lines and grooves of your Loved One’s fingerprint and know that they are still with you each day.


Do something kind for yourself.

Give yourself a break and practice self-care during this difficult time. Go for a walk, turn off social media, or eat a favorite dessert. Even these seemingly small acts of kindness toward yourself can help you feel more comforted as you find your way to peace. Self-care isn’t a one-time-only event—continue to be kind to yourself each day by setting aside the time and energy needed to prioritize these acts.


Spend time working on a favorite hobby.

Comfort can also be found when you partake in favorite hobbies that bring you joy. Whether it’s playing the guitar, knitting a blanket, or going for a round of golf with friends, your hobbies will help distract you from your pain for a while and remind you of the things you love to do. They can be a bright spot in your day that makes the rest of it a little lighter.


Get back into a routine.

When your life has been affected by something as monumental as the passing of a Loved One, it can be comforting to get back into a predictable daily routine. Getting back into your routine can help you to find a sense of direction and serve as a roadmap for you to follow when you feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next. However, it’s important to not let yourself push away grief just for the sake of following a routine. Instead, give yourself the grace to pause, take a step back from your daily duties, and do what feels right in the moment.


Finding comfort after the loss of a Loved One is something that will take time. Treat yourself with kindness as you journey through your grief and its many stages. What you find comforting today may be different than what comforts you in a year. Be patient, listen to your emotions, and respond accordingly.


If you are searching for comfort after losing a family member or friend, please accept our deepest sympathies. We hope that you can feel the peace of knowing that they are still with you in your heart each day.