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What is Cremation Jewelry?


When a Loved One passes away, many people want to hold a reminder of them near for comfort and continued connection. Cremation Jewelry is a beautiful way to do this.


What Cremation Jewelry Is

Also known as Memorial Jewelry, Cremation Jewelry holds a portion of cremated remains so that a grieving person can always have their deceased Loved One physically close. This Jewelry acts as a small urn for ashes that can be used for family members or even lost pets.


What Cremation Jewelry Looks Like

The most popular style of Cremation Jewelry is a Pendant because it can be worn on a Chain that keeps a Loved One near the wearer’s heart. These Urn Pendants are available in a number of shapes—including Cross and Heart—and can often be further personalized with an inscription, birthstone, or other gemstone. Some can also be engraved with a Loved One’s fingerprint so that their presence can be even more tangible.


How Cremation Jewelry Works

Oftentimes, a funeral home can help families lovingly and carefully fill their Cremation Jewelry with ashes. Families can also opt to fill their Urn Pendants from Legacy Touch on their own, using the included instructions. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully before attempting to fill your Jewelry.


How to Care for Cremation Jewelry

Jewelry that holds ashes should be cared for with reverence, as they are precious pieces with even more precious contents. Cremation Jewelry should always be kept away from water, and cleaned as needed with a soft cloth.


If you have recently lost a Loved One, please accept our condolences. We hope that you are on your way to healing and can find comfort in holding your Loved One near. If you need help navigating your loss, please view our resource for who to speak to about grief.