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Sharing the Stories Behind Personalized Jewelry and Keepsakes

personalized gemstone urn pendants and fingerprint urn pendant necklaces

How to Clean Cremation Jewelry

Memorial Jewelry is one of the most precious heirlooms available. Not only does it hold significant meaning, but Cremation Jewelry can also hold a ...
man holding a gray cat

How to Help a Friend Cope with the Loss of a Pet

When a friend experiences the death of a pet, it’s important to let them know that you’re there for them. After all, losing a pet is like losing a ...
nickel family christmas keepsake ornament with fingerprint, stainless steel fingerprint keychain, and brass fingerprint bookmark

Thoughtful Bereavement Gifts for the Loss of a Loved One

When someone you know has a Loved One die, there are certain traditions that are expected. For example, you should tell them that you’re sorry for ...
stainless steel keychain engraved with a fingerprint and monogram

Bring Your Loved One on Every Adventure: Personalized Keychain Memorials

After we lose a Loved One, it’s important to find ways to keep their memory with us. One way to do this is through a Keychain engraved with their u...
an image of trees that has a quote about grief that says "The song is ended but the melody lingers on." by Irving Berlin

Quotes About Grief that Can Help You Feel Better after a Loved One Dies

Everyone finds comfort during grief in different ways. Some people gather with family and friends for celebration of life services. Some people vis...
two people holding hands and talking

11 Things to Say to Someone Who is Grieving

It’s easy to be at a loss for words when someone we know tells us that one of their Loved Ones has died. Grief can be a sensitive subject, and it c...
birthday gifts wrapped in blue and white wrapping paper

5 Ways to Celebrate a Late Loved One’s Birthday

Like Christmas, Easter, and other holidays, your deceased Loved One’s birthday will feel different now that they are gone. However, even though you...
gold heart fingerprint charm necklace and sterling silver heart fingerprint pendant necklace

The Differences Between Fingerprint Charms and Pendants

As you personalize a piece of Jewelry, you may wonder what makes a Fingerprint Charm different than a Fingerprint Pendant.   While each is a great ...
collage of different jewelry made from fingerprints

Jewelry Made from Fingerprints: Peace for Grieving Families

There’s nothing more precious than holding family close. After someone we love passes away, it can be hard to experience that same sense of connect...
image of a sunset with the words 10 ideas for how to feel better after losing a loved one

10 Ideas for How to Feel Better After Losing a Loved One

Between dealing with the practical arrangements of funerals to facing the emotions that come from a Loved One no longer being around, losing a fami...
Quotes About Dad to Engrave on Memorial Keepsakes

Quotes About Dad to Engrave on Memorial Keepsakes

Honoring the life of your dad or other father figure can take many forms. One heartfelt way to remember the love he gave is to make a custom memori...
illustration of a grieving person sitting under a dark cloud while being held by a friend's hand

How to Help a Friend Cope with the Loss of a Parent

When we hear from a friend that their mom or dad has died, our first reaction may be shock or even sadness. These emotions are okay and normal. How...