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Fingerprint Urn Pendants

Urn Pendants

Fingerprint Cremation Jewelry is a meaningful way to remember someone special. To be worn with reverence and love, Fingerprint Urn Pendants safely hold a small portion of cremated remains, allowing you to carry someone you love eternally near.

Our Heart Fingerprint Cremation Urn Pendant features a Swarovski® Crystal Birthstone Closure that honors a cherished life and keeps your memories close, while our Fingerprint Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant offers a choice of various unique Gemstone colors that can tell your Loved One’s precious story.

Our engraved Pendants are personalized with the texture and patterns that make each fingerprint unique, helping to further showcase your one-of-a-kind love in a touching way. Customize the Jewelry even further with your choice of accessories like a Chain, Premium Bail, Swarovski® Crystal Birthstone Charm, or Symbolic Charm.

Fingerprint Cremation Jewelry comforts those who wear it. A memorial gift with a tangible connection to those who have passed, Urn Pendants from Legacy Touch can be delivered in time for services, allowing a Loved One’s touch to be present during a difficult time.