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Care & Warranty

Care & Warranty

Care & Warranty

Legacy Touch’s beautiful Keepsakes are quality heirlooms worth protecting.

When not in use, we recommend storing them individually, in an airtight bag to protect from humidity.

Legacy Touch Guarantee

At Legacy Touch, we are committed to providing beautiful, high-quality, personalized Keepsakes. Our Keepsakes are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase except Knives, Lighters, and Cigar Cutters, which carry a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Within the respective warranty periods, Legacy Touch will repair or replace the piece at no cost to the customer.

Because our Fingerprint Keepsake products are custom made and individually personalized for you and your family, they cannot be accepted for return or exchange unless there is a manufacturing error, product defect, or shipping damage.

From design to polishing to packaging, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. If a Keepsake arrives with a manufacturer’s defect, please contact Customer Service within 48 hours of receipt. We want to help make it right.

The warranty does not cover pieces that have inscription errors made by the customer, pieces that are discolored due to environmental factors, pieces that are discolored due to allergic reactions, pieces that have been abused or neglected by the customer, or worn plating due to use.

Please contact Legacy Touch Customer Service to obtain warranty service by emailing info@legacytouch.com or calling toll free 1-855-802-6800. A Return Material Authorization (RMA), which will be provided by Legacy Touch, is required for all returns/exchanges. Materials must be received within 30 days from the date that the RMA was issued. Any materials returned without an RMA will not be processed.


Treat your pieces with the respect they deserve, avoiding all chemicals (including chlorine), activities (sports, etc.), and hard surfaces which can be damaging to fine metals. Lockets and Cremation Urn Pendants carry precious photos and ashes; for this reason, they should not be submerged in water. Quality Jewelry should always be shielded from hairspray, bug spray, lotions, and swimming pools. Care for your Keepsakes, and they will return the favor with many years of cherished connection.


Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Anodized Aluminum

Urn Pendants can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. For all other Brass, Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Anodized Aluminum Keepsakes, use lukewarm water and mild dish washing soap. Soak your Keepsake in the solution for approximately 5 minutes and then gently buff with a soft cloth. Rinse and allow to dry. Tarnish on Brass and Stainless Steel can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth or mild polish formulated for the metal, following instructions. Please do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.



Lockets can be cleaned with a soft cloth. For other Gold Keepsakes, use warm water and mild dish washing soap. Soak your Gold Keepsake for 20-30 minutes in the solution. Gently clean with a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush. Rinse with lukewarm water to remove any soap residue. Please, no chlorine or other harsh chemicals or abrasives.


Sterling Silver

Lockets and Urn Pendants can simply be wiped clean with a soft cloth, or a silver polishing cloth. Rub gently, following the grain of the Silver. All other Sterling Silver Keepsakes can be wiped clean or treated with silver tarnish remover, following instructions. Tarnish remover should be followed with a warm soapy wash. Rinse well, and towel dry.

Good to Know

Lapel Pin Warning

The Lapel Pin closure is magnetic. Pacemakers and defibrillators can be sensitive to strong magnetic fields. If you or someone in your household has a pacemaker or defibrillator, consult a doctor about the safety of magnets and magnetic closures.


Teddy Bear Warning

Our Keepsake Teddy Bears contain small parts that are a choking hazard. They are not suitable for children under three years of age.


Our Lockets are of the finest quality and the hinges are to be treated with care. Overextending the opening on your Locket can stress the hinge, as can excessive opening and closing. Your local jeweler can reinforce the hinge if you plan to open the Locket many times a day. To customize and print a photo at home designed to fit perfectly in your Locket, please visit https://LegacyTouch.LocketStudio.com (Max. upload size is 6MB)

Enameled Jewelry & Keepsakes

Simply wipe clean with a soft dry, non-abrasive cleaning cloth. You may occasionally use water and mild dish soap on the enamel and gently rub clean with your fingers. Do not scrub. Dry with a soft cloth. Never steam clean or use ultrasonic cleaners, and do not polish as it may remove the plating.

Gemstone Urn Pendant

A scoop funnel is provided inside of the Pendant box to help safely transfer cremated remains. Please see the included Gemstone Urn Pendant Fill & Closure Guide for instructions. Note: For security of remains, we strongly suggest applying 2-3 small drops of the enclosed Jewelry glue to the inner threading of the Gemstone.

Heart Urn Pendant

A scoop funnel is provided inside of the Pendant box to help safely transfer cremated remains. Please see the included Urn Closure Guide for instructions. Note: Once the Closure is inserted, it can't be removed. If the Closure doesn't feel secure, please call Customer Service for guidance at 1-855-802-6800.


Can I resize my Ring?
A properly fitting Ring should feel comfortably snug, sliding on with ease, but should be slightly more difficult to take off. Before deciding if a Ring is too tight or loose, wear the Ring for a few days to get used to this new feeling. Most Rings can be resized up to one size larger or smaller in half-size increments. Please see LegacyTouch.com/resize for limitations and details.

How do I reorder?
Simply visit LegacyTouch.com and use your Loved One’s PIN to reorder. If you have misplaced your PIN, please contact your funeral home provider.

Why does the color look different?
Due to differences in monitor settings, we cannot guarantee that the colors you see on screen or print are an exact color representation of the product. All colors are approximations of actual colors.

Why is my Sterling Silver or White Gold Keepsake plated?
We want your Keepsakes to be as beautiful as possible for as long as possible—that’s why we plate our Sterling Silver and White Gold Keepsakes. Without plating, Sterling Silver or White Gold Jewelry can become discolored with time. Plating works wonders by making these metals stronger and more scratch resistant. Please note that plating will eventually wear away with use. Your local jeweler can easily re-plate your Jewelry, restoring it to its original shine.

California Prop 65 Information

Framed Memorial Plaque

  • 18% Nickel


Kershaw® Knife

  • HANDLE - 440 Stainless Steel
    • 11.5-13.5% Chromium
    • 75% Nickel
  • BLADE - Sandvik 14C28N
    • 14% Chromium
    • 11% Nickel


Locket Hinge Assemblies

  • Less than 2% Nickel

Stainless Steel Ball Chain

  • 16-18% Chromium
  • 10-14% Nickel


Stainless Steel Cufflinks

  • 16-18% Chromium
  • 10-14% Nicel


Stainless Steel Military Dog Tag

  • 16-18% Chromium
  • 10-14% Nickel

Stainless Steel Money Clips

  • 16-18% Chromium
  • 10-14% Nickel


Xikar® Cigar Cutter

  • BLADE - 440 Stainless Steel
    • 16-17% Chromium


White Gold Rings

  • Less than 5% Nickel