Stainless Steel Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant
Stainless Steel Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant
Stainless Steel Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant
Stainless Steel Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant
Stainless Steel Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant
*Example fingerprints shown. Colors and inscriptions shown are approximate.

Stainless Steel Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant

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A Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant in Stainless Steel allows you to hold your Loved One near, always. This memorial Jewelry holds a small portion of cremated remains below a gemstone of your choice and is carefully engraved with your Loved One’s unique fingerprint to suggest the presence of a light touch, creating a beautiful, meaningful Urn Necklace. The Pendant helps you experience a tangible connection to a Loved One that provides ongoing peace and comfort.

Product Details

• Jewelry grade Stainless Steel
• Urn Pendant measures approximately 12 W x 14 L x 8.75-9.75 D (mm) / .5 W x .55 L x .375 D (in)
• Your choice of seven gemstones, measuring 0.4in (10mm) in diameter:
                          Red Agate (Red)
                          Thought to protect its wearer, Red Agate Gemstones provide peace and inner tranquility.
                          Blue Agate (Blue)
                          The Gemstone Blue Agate is stabilizing and promotes self-reflection and inner peace for those who wear it.
                          Mother of Pearl (White)
                          Holding a soft, pure energy, the Mother of Pearl Gemstone gives a sense of tranquility and enlightenment to its wearer.
                          Amethyst (Purple)
                          Those who wear the Amethyst Gemstone often feel protected by its presence, while gaining valuable insight and intuition.
                         Green Agate (Green)
                         The Gemstone Green Agate is believed to protect its wearer, as well as promote inner calmness.
                         Crystal (Clear)
                         A colorless Gemstone, Crystal is thought to promote healing and spiritual growth.
                         Onyx Black (Black)
                         Offering a deep, beautiful color, the Onyx Black Gemstone is believed to ground its wearer while offering support.
• Includes an easy-to-use ash transfer funnel with instructions
• Optional Symbolic Charms and Swarovski® Crystal Birthstone Charms available
• Various Chain options available – view our Chain Length Sizing Guide

    *Please Note: Legacy Touch is not involved in the process of filling urn pendants with cremated remains. That process is left up to either the funeral home or family, once the product is received. 

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    Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant Care Instructions

    A scoop funnel is provided inside of the Pendant box to help safely transfer cremated remains. Please see the Gemstone Urn Pendant Fill & Closure Guide, which is also included with the Pendant, for instructions.

    Please Note:
    For security of remains, we strongly suggest applying 2-3 small drops of the included Jewelry glue to the inner threading of the Gemstone during the Urn Pendant filling process.

    Urn Pendants can be wiped clean with a soft cloth. Treat your pieces with the respect they deserve, avoiding all chemicals (including chlorine), activities (sports, etc.), and hard surfaces which can be damaging to fine metals. Cremation Urn Pendants carry precious ashes; for this reason, they should not be submerged in water. Quality Jewelry should always be shielded from hairspray, bug spray, lotions, and swimming pools. Care for your Keepsakes, and they will return the favor with many years of cherished connection.


    Legacy Touch Keepsake Warranty

    At Legacy Touch, we are committed to providing beautiful, high-quality, personalized Keepsakes. This Keepsake is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. Within the warranty period, Legacy Touch will repair or replace the piece at no cost to the customer.

    The Legacy Touch warranty does not cover pieces that have inscription errors made by the customer, pieces that are discolored due to environmental factors, pieces that are discolored due to allergic reactions, or pieces that have been abused or neglected by the customer. Learn more about our warranty and return policy here.

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