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4 Uplifting Sympathy Gift Ideas that Help Those Who Are Grieving Feel Better


When shopping for a sympathy gift, you want to make sure the one you’re choosing will help brighten up the recipient’s day. After all, in their time of grief and pain, just a little bit of positivity can go a long way.


From handwritten notes to Fingerprint Jewelry to homecooked meals and more, there are a number of different uplifting options that can help them to feel better.


1. A Handwritten Note

Hearing from someone who cares for them can help a person who is grieving to know that they are not alone. Consider handwriting a note to send to your friend that shares your sympathy, a favorite memory, or something you’re looking forward to doing with them. Just a couple of sentences can mean the world to someone who is hurting.


2. Fingerprint Jewelry

There’s nothing more meaningful than being able to hold someone you love close. When you gift Fingerprint Jewelry to someone who is grieving, they’ll be able to feel that tangible connection once again. As they touch the lines and grooves of their late Loved One’s fingerprint on the piece, they’ll know that the person they miss is forever near.


3. A Homecooked Meal

There are few things in life more comforting than a homecooked meal. Ask your grieving friend what their favorite meal is and offer to make it for them. You can either drop it off at their house, or if they’re up for company, invite them to your home for an evening of good food and conversation.


4. Help with Errands


In the days following loss, it can be hard to remember to find time to do the little things. Offer to help your friend out by picking up groceries for them, shoveling snow off of their driveway, or returning their overdue library book. These small acts can be a big help to your friend and their family and allow them spend more precious time with one another.


When it Comes to Sympathy Gifts, It’s the Thought that Counts

Sympathy gifts are incredibly meaningful mementoes that show just how much you care. While generic cards and flowers can be nice, choosing a more personal gift can help the recipient to feel truly seen and loved in the midst of their grief. Plus, gifts that are customized for someone who is grieving help to provide peace and healing in a way that standard sympathy gifts can’t.


By putting a little extra thought into the sympathy gift you choose, you can help your friend to feel significantly better.


Thank you for thinking of your friend and for being there for them as they grieve.