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How to Create Your Own Fingerprint Charm Bracelet


Jewelry is one of the most special ways you can express yourself while feeling connected to people you love. Each piece of Jewelry holds incredible significance, especially when you personalize it yourself to represent the bond shared between you and a family member.


Looking to create your own style that is full of beauty and meaning? Get started by customizing a Fingerprint Charm Bracelet.


What is a Fingerprint Charm Bracelet?

A Fingerprint Charm Bracelet is a unique piece of Jewelry that features the actual fingerprint of a Loved One. The fingerprint is laser engraved onto a small Charm that is attached to the Bracelet, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that is both sentimental and meaningful.


Did You Know?

Most personalized Charm Bracelets have the option of being engraved with a handprint, footprint, or paw print in place of a fingerprint.


These Bracelets are a popular choice for parents and grandparents who want to carry a piece of their Loved One with them wherever they go, and can be a comforting presence during times of separation. Fingerprint Charm Bracelets can also serve as a beautiful memorial that remembers a life that is missed, holding deep emotional value that makes them a Keepsake that is cherished for years to come.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Fingerprint Charm Bracelet

It’s easy to create your own Charm Bracelet engraved with a fingerprint. Simply follow these three steps:


Step 1: Personalize Your Fingerprint Charm

The first step in creating a Fingerprint Bracelet is to choose the Charm you’d like to customize. Choose from Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or Sterling Silver styles in the shape of a Heart, Oval, Tear Drop, and more.


Once your Charm is selected, you can begin personalizing your Jewelry by inputting your Legacy Touch PIN (a Personal Identification Number that uniquely identifies the prints you’d like engraved on your piece). You can also choose to write an inscription to have engraved on the back of the Charm.


Need a Legacy Touch PIN?

You can easily upload digital images of the fingerprint, handprint, footprint, or paw print you’d like engraved on your Jewelry to LegacyTouch.com/Upload and we’ll automatically generate a PIN for you.


Learn more about the PIN and how it works.


Step 2: Add a Bracelet Chain

After you’ve personalized your Charm, you can select a Bracelet Chain to add it to. At Legacy Touch, our Charms for Bracelets come equipped with a lobster clasp so that you can easily add them to a Charm Bracelet you already wear each day or to a new Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Bracelet Chain of your choosing. Just make sure as you place your order to select that you plan to wear your Charm on a Bracelet so our Jewelers know this is how you’d like your Jewelry made.


Step 3: Choose Symbolic and Birthstone Charms

No Charm Bracelet is complete without Symbolic and Birthstone Charms that bring added meaning to the Jewelry. As you create your Bracelet, consider including a Symbolic Charm—like an Angel Wing, Cross, or Infinity Sign—as a way to tell a story with your Jewelry. Also think about adding on a Birthstone Charm featuring Swarovski® Crystals to represent an important month or simply your favorite color. The more you customize your Jewelry, the more personal it will be.


Cherished Connection that Can be Felt Today, Tomorrow, and Always

No two Fingerprint Charm Bracelets are alike, just as no two people are the same. As you wear yours, we hope that you can feel connected to the person whose fingerprint is on the Jewelry each and every day. Touch the lines and grooves of their print on the Bracelet and know that you are never far apart.


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