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How to Fill Cremation Jewelry with Ashes


One of the most meaningful and popular types of memorials families will choose to personalize in memory of their late Loved One is Cremation Jewelry. Typically consisting of a small Urn that can be worn during special occasions or even daily, Cremation Jewelry is a beautiful, heartfelt way to honor a Loved One while feeling close to their presence.


How Cremation Jewelry Works

Cremation Jewelry works by holding a small portion of cremated remains. The physical connection that it provides is unmatched by any other type of memorial, as the wearer can hold their Loved One forever tangibly close to them through the Jewelry. Many people will choose to wear Cremation Jewelry filled with the ashes of their mom, dad, grandparent, sibling, child, or pet.


Oftentimes, families will choose to fill their Cremation Jewelry with the chosen ashes themselves, however, many funeral homes will offer to help with the process.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Filling Cremation Jewelry

Each style of Cremation Jewelry will have different instructions for filling it with remains. Please be sure to read all of the steps that you are provided carefully before attempting to fill your Urn. For Legacy Touch Cremation Jewelry, the instructions for the two Pendant styles are:


Sterling Silver Cremation Urn Pendant

Step 1: Use the enclosed funnel to carefully place remains into the Urn Pendant. Do not overfill.

DO NOT remove the red or black rubber gasket from the Closure.


Step 2: Brush away any dust remaining on the surface of the Urn Pendant.


Step 3: Lay the Pendant on a soft, clean cloth. Align the part of the Closure without the Birthstone into the opening, ensuring red or black rubber gasket is still in place.


Step 4: Align the Birthstone with the first part of the Closure that is already in the Urn Pendant and firmly snap it into place. You will hear and feel it as it secures. The Birthstone must go in straight, or it will not secure properly.


Do not be afraid to apply pressure with your hands as you’re pressing the Closure into place—you will not hurt your Pendant.


Important: Once the Closure is inserted, it can't be removed. If the Closure doesn't feel secure, please call Customer Service for guidance at (855)802-6800.


Stainless Steel Gemstone Cremation Urn Pendant


Step 1: Unscrew the Gemstone to open.


Step 2: Use the enclosed funnel to carefully place remains into the Urn Pendant. Do not overfill. When done, clean the work surface.


Step 3: For security of remains, we strongly suggest applying 2-3 small drops of the enclosed Jewelry glue to the inner threading of the Gemstone.


Step 4: Place the Gemstone onto the opening, and screw into place until secured. Immediately wipe off any excess glue with a damp cloth and wash your hands.


Helpful Tip: To protect your Keepsake, do not submerge it in water (showers, swimming pools, etc.). Your Urn Pendant can be gently polished and cleaned with a soft cloth.


We hope that your Cremation Jewelry helps you feel tangibly connected to your Loved One today and always. Please accept our sincerest sympathies for your loss. If you have any questions about your Cremation Necklace from Legacy Touch, reach out to our team.