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Have a PIN?

How to Get Jewelry Made from the Fingerprint of a Deceased Loved One


There’s nothing more meaningful than holding a Loved One close. After they’ve died, that feeling of connection can seem impossible.


Thankfully, you can tangibly feel your late Loved One with you once again with Jewelry made from their fingerprint.


Fingerprint Jewelry is a beautiful type of memorial that families and close friends can wear to stay connected with the people they love and miss the most. From Fingerprint Necklaces to Fingerprint Charm Bracelets to Fingerprint Rings and more, each style offers a unique way to remember someone special.


In just a few simple steps, you can personalize Jewelry made from the fingerprint of your deceased Loved One:


Obtain Their Fingerprints

You can get the fingerprints of a deceased Loved One by reaching out to the funeral home that cared for them. Most funeral homes will take fingerprints for identification purposes and so that the family can use them on memorial Keepsakes.


If for some reason the funeral home did not take prints, you may still be able to find a copy on your Loved One’s military record or other form of ID.


Choose a Jewelry Style

When choosing a Jewelry style, it’s important to pick one that represents you and that you’ll be comfortable wearing every day. For example, if you do a lot of work with your hands, you may want to get a Necklace instead of a Ring.


Some of the most-popular styles of Fingerprint Jewelry include:


Fingerprint Necklaces

fingerprint necklaces

Fingerprint Necklaces allow you to keep your Loved One physically close to your heart. Choose from Pendants, Dog Tags, Lariat Necklaces, Lockets, and even Cremation Urn Necklaces for a style that is the most meaningful to you.


Fingerprint Bracelets

fingerprint bracelet

Wear your heart on your sleeve with a memorial Charm Bracelet. Along with a Charm engraved with your Loved One’s fingerprint, you can choose additional Symbolic or Birthstone Charms to give your Jewelry even more meaning.


Fingerprint Rings

fingerprint ring

With a Fingerprint Ring, you’ll experience having your Loved One forever within reach. Each Ring is engraved with your Loved One’s print on the outside of the band and a custom inscription on the inside.


Customize Your Piece

After you’ve chosen a Jewelry style, you’ll be able to fully customize your piece. At Legacy Touch, you’ll begin by uploading your Loved One’s fingerprints to create a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). You’ll then start personalizing your Jewelry by entering this PIN, as it ensures the accuracy of the prints engraved on the piece.


Did You Know?

Many funeral homes will create a PIN for you when caring for your Loved One. Reach out to them to see if they did.


Once you’ve entered your Loved One’s PIN on the product page, you can select your inscription, Chain, additional Charms, and more. Each finishing touch you choose will add special meaning that helps connect you with your Loved One.


Comfort When You Need it the Most

At Legacy Touch, most Fingerprint Jewelry styles are available with a 24 hour turnaround. This gives you the chance to find comfort when you need it the most—like in time for visitations, funeral services, and other important events.


When you receive the piece, take a moment to feel the lines and grooves of your Loved One’s print. May they remind you that the bond you shared continues to live on through you every single day.