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Meaningful Ways to Memorialize a Loved One


Memorials are a beautiful way to honor a family member or friend who passes away.


These deeply personal tributes represent your lost Loved One and the legacy they have created, while allowing you to keep their presence near. By incorporating unique elements of your Loved One’s life into their memorial, you will create a meaningful Keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.


Ways to Memorialize a Loved One Who Has Passed

  • Turn Their Fingerprint into Jewelry
  • Bring Flowers to Their Grave
  • Keep Their Ashes in a Personalized Urn
  • Donate to Their Favorite Charity


Turn Their Fingerprint into Jewelry

Every line and groove of your Loved One’s fingerprint tells a story that is unique to them. By turning your Loved One’s fingerprint into Jewelry, you can carry their touching story wherever you go. You can further personalize your Jewelry memorial by choosing your favorite style, metal, accessories, and adding a custom inscription.


Bring Flowers to Their Grave

A traditional way to pay respects to a lost Loved One is to bring flowers or other trinkets to their grave. If she loved sunflowers, bring a bouquet each time you visit. If he loved old pickup trucks, leave a small toy replica when you stop by to be with him. You can also leave your fingerprint on their gravestone so that they always have a part of you with them. The gifts you leave behind will help you feel close to your Loved One, and create a beautiful resting place for them.


Keep Their Ashes in a Personalized Urn

There’s nothing more special than being able to tangibly keep your Loved One with you. Displaying a personalized Urn for ashes in your home can help you feel the comfort of your Loved One’s presence. You can also consider customizing an Urn Necklace that allows you to carry your Loved One, always.


Donate to Their Favorite Charity

Continue the goodwill that your Loved One created in their lifetime by donating to their favorite charity. Ask other family members and friends to join you by giving money, time, or talent in their memory. Donating on behalf of a deceased Loved One keeps their memory alive while helping others.


Why Memorials Are Important

Memorials are important because they serve as a way for you to feel connected to your Loved One after they have passed. Paying tribute in this way can help you remember all of the memories the two of you shared, and help you find peace as you navigate grief. Memorials also act as a record, representing the importance and significance of your Loved One’s life.


If you have recently lost a Loved One, please accept our sympathy. We hope that you find a memorial that is both meaningful and comforting.