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5 Ways to Celebrate a Late Loved One’s Birthday


Like Christmas, Easter, and other holidays, your deceased Loved One’s birthday will feel different now that they are gone. However, even though your family member or friend is no longer with you, you can still find ways to celebrate the occasion and their memory.


Whether it’s the first birthday after they have passed or 50th, you can honor your Loved One with these ideas:


Ideas for Remembering a Deceased Loved One on Their Birthday


Do Something They Enjoyed

Participating in an activity that your Loved One enjoyed can help you feel closer to them while honoring their birthday. Consider playing their favorite game, visiting their favorite park, or even reading their favorite book.


Create a Memorial

Mark the occasion and memorialize your Loved One by creating a custom tribute to them. For example, Jewelry engraved with their fingerprint is a beautiful way to honor their memory on their birthday—and every day.


Write Them a Letter

After a Loved One is gone, there is so much we still want to tell them. Go ahead and share your thoughts by writing them a letter on their birthday each year that expresses your ongoing love.


Continue a Favorite Tradition

There’s something so special about traditions—and they don’t have to stop just because your Loved One is no longer present. Continue to celebrate them on their birthday by baking that triple chocolate cake they enjoyed so much or buying a bouquet of their favorite flowers.


Gather with Family and Friends

Birthday parties are a wonderful way for family and friends to gather and show their appreciation for the life of someone they love. Continue to express your gratitude—and how much you miss your Loved One—by getting together with others who cared for them. Simply sharing a meal and some favorite stories is a great way to celebrate your Loved One’s birthday and all of the years everyone got to spend together.


Grief Support During a Late Loved One’s Birthday

Navigating grief can be hard, especially during the special days of the year that you used to spend with your Loved One before they died.


Be sure to listen to your emotions and do what is right for you. That may mean spending some quiet time alone as you process your thoughts or reaching out to a trusted grief counselor who can help you come up with ways to feel better.


No matter how you choose to celebrate your late family member or friend’s birthday, it is our sincerest hope that you are on your way to peace and can find comfort in the memories the two of you shared.