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7 Ways to Find Comfort After the Loss of a Sibling


The death of a sibling is one of the most personal losses you can experience. After all, your sibling was one of the only people who knew you through every stage of life.

From sharing your first experiences with one another as kids to those formative years you spent growing up together to the lives you led side-by-side as adults, you and your sibling shared much more than DNA.

When they’re gone, it can feel like a big part of your life has died with them.


Even though this pain is unlike any other, there are some ways that you can find comfort during your time of grief.


Find Comfort After Losing a Sibling By:


Talking to Others Who Understand

You need to know that you’re not alone in your grief. Talk to your other surviving siblings or even close friends who have lost a brother or sister about what you’re going through. There is a lot of comfort to be found through shared experiences.


Finding Support Outside of Your Family

Because your family members will be experiencing their own grief after the loss of your sibling, it’s important that you reach out to someone like a grief counselor, support group, or therapist. By talking to someone who isn’t directly involved in the loss, you’ll get a new perspective on your grief along with helpful tools that can help you navigate this time.


Creating a Personalized Memorial

After a sibling dies, it’s normal to want to hold onto something that reminds you of them. Consider personalizing a memorial like Fingerprint Jewelry or Keepsakes. With these custom pieces, you’ll be able to tangibly feel the peace of having your Loved One with you during the hardest days of your grief and for years after.


Taking Time to Rest

Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to rest as you attend memorial services and begin to process your emotions. Don’t push yourself to return to a normal routine right away, and instead give yourself the freedom to do things that bring you joy.


Reflecting on Favorite Memories

Even in the midst of grief, there is room to find happiness. Think back on your favorite memories with your brother or sister and try to reflect on the good times you shared. Let yourself enjoy an afternoon of flipping through old family vacation photos or watching home movies from Christmases when you were both kids. Celebrate the good that was your sibling’s life.


Listening to All of Your Emotions

Losing a sibling can cause many complicated emotions. Sadness that they are no longer here. Relief that any suffering they faced is over. Hope that their story will continue to live on. Let yourself feel each emotion fully as it happens and pay it the attention it deserves.


Doing Something Kind for Yourself

Your brother or sister would want you take care of yourself. As you’re grieving, make sure you’re tending to your own physical and mental wellbeing. Go for a walk with a friend. Re-read a favorite book. Even these small things can have a big impact on how you feel day-to-day.


Losing a Sibling is Hard, It Will Get Easier with Time

The grief that comes after losing a brother or sister will change over time. It may be more present in the immediate days following the loss or during holidays that you used to spend with them. But as you begin to heal, your grief will start to evolve. The pain of losing someone you loved never fully goes away, but it likely will become more bearable.


As it does, try to find comfort in the memories you have with your sibling and find ways to continue to keep their spirit with you.


We’re so sorry for your loss, and hope that you are on your way to peace.