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Overwhelmed by Grief at Christmas? Here’s What You Can Do to Feel Better


While seemingly full of joy and cheer, the Christmas season isn’t always the merriest for people who are dealing with grief.


The focus on family and traditions can be a painful reminder that you won’t be spending the holiday season with the person you miss. Even if you thought you were starting to heal from the loss, Christmas can bring back memories that make this time of year one of the most difficult.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by grief this Christmas, we hope you can find a little comfort in one of the following ways:


What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed by Grief at Christmas


Speak with Someone Who Understands

Grief is completely normal, and so is needing to talk to someone about it. Please, if you’re feeling sad, reach out to a trusted grief counselor, support group, or therapist. People experienced in facing grief can guide you in coming up with coping strategies that help you to feel better during this holiday season and the year ahead.


Stay Close to Your Late Loved One

Even after your Loved One has passed, there are ways that you can feel their presence with you. Consider wearing Jewelry engraved with their fingerprint or continuing their favorite holiday traditions. Keeping your Loved One’s memory near can help to bring you peace and comfort during these difficult days.


Plan Time for Activities You Enjoy

The holidays are busy, but the more time you reserve for doing things you truly enjoy—the better. Try to plan ahead and get self-care on your schedule. Treat yourself to a movie and hot chocolate or attend a festive show with a family member. These activities should take your mind off of grief for a little while and help you enjoy the season.


Give Yourself Grace

Emotions can ebb and flow each day. One day may feel unbearable while the next is a little easier. Over the holidays, give yourself time to experience your emotions as they happen. Be gentle with both your mental and physical health, and give yourself the same patience and understanding you would a friend.


It’s Okay That This Year Isn’t Very Merry

Grief can become heightened during the holiday season, whether you lost someone in the last few months or even years ago. Try your best to enjoy what you can, but if you’re not feeling up to celebrating this year, don’t.


You don’t have to force joy just because the calendar says it’s December.


It’s okay to skip out on festive parties or decide to stay home on Christmas Eve. If you don’t think being around other family and friends will make you feel better, simply opt for a quiet holiday full of things that will bring you comfort.


Please accept our sincerest sympathy. We’re wishing you a peaceful and warm holiday season.


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