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Remember Dad on Father’s Day with These Traditions


Father's Day is a special time to honor our dads, especially those who have passed away. Every year on the third Sunday in June, we take time to show love and appreciation for all the hard work, sacrifices, and guidance our father figures generously gave to us.


As you remember your late dad this year, consider starting a new tradition that celebrates all he did for you over his lifetime.


9 Ways to Remember Your Late Dad on Father’s Day


1. Make a Memory Book

One of the best ways to remember dad on Father's Day is by making a memory book. Collect all your favorite pictures of your dad from his childhood and throughout your shared life together, and write down all the memories you have with him. It could be anything from a funny incident that happened on a summer afternoon to an important life lesson he taught you and you live by to this day. This memory book will be a treasure trove that you can cherish forever and share with others who loved him.


2. Visit His Favorite Place

If your dad had a favorite place like a park, a restaurant, or a sports arena, plan a visit to it on Father's Day. It's a great way to remember him while bringing back beloved memories of the two of you together there. While you’re visiting, take a picture at the location with family and add it to your memory book.


3. Cook a Meal He Loved

Food is a great way to remember and celebrate someone special. Cook your dad's favorite meal on Father's Day, whether it's a dish he enjoyed or a recipe he used to make for you. Invite your siblings, mom, or other family members over to share some stories and memories while eating the meal together.


4. Create a Memorial for Him

Even though your dad is gone, his legacy still lives on through you. Find peace in remembering that he continues to be with you each and every day by creating a memorial that reminds you of him. Consider engraving Jewelry with his fingerprint so that he is forever near your heart or personalizing a Bookmark with his favorite quote so that he is always in your thoughts.


5. Watch His Favorite Movie

We all have those movies we used to watch over and over again with our dads. Watch one you and your dad enjoyed together this year on Father's Day. It's a fun way to remember him and to feel like he's still with you. As you watch, pay attention to his favorite scenes and quotes. Even if you’re still feeling the grief of losing your father, this will help add a little joy to the day.


6. Make a Donation

Reflect on which causes and charities your dad was passionate about and consider donating to one on Father’s Day in his honor. Whether a contribution of money, time, or resources, this action is a great way to remember him and pay it forward to someone or something he cared for. Each year you could pick a different cause to support, which will help share his compassion and memory in a larger way.


7. Plant a Tree

A popular way to remember a late Loved One is to plant a tree in their memory. You can either purchase one through a charity who will plant one for you in an area of need, or you can plant one in your own backyard that you can watch grow for years to come. Try to choose a tree that reminds you of your dad or was a variety he loved. If you choose to plant one at home, you can add a plaque with his name or a message at the base.


8. Visit His Grave

Visiting your dad’s resting place is a wonderful way to honor him on Father’s Day. Spend some time in quiet reflection while there, and consider bringing flowers to leave at his grave as a decoration and nice gesture. Many people will choose to touch the gravestone and leave a fingerprint behind as a symbol of you continuing to be there for your dad.


9. Write a Letter

Writing a letter to your late dad is a thoughtful and heartfelt way to remember him on Father's Day. You can share your thoughts, feelings, and memories with him and express your love and gratitude. You can bring this letter with you to read to him when you visit his grave, or keep it in a favorite journal so that you can revisit it in the years ahead.


Father’s Day Will Be Hard After Your Dad Dies, That’s Okay

Father’s Day can be full of emotions, especially when your dad has died. But even though he is gone, you can still celebrate all of the good times the two of you shared.


Focus on the happy moments that bonded you and the special events that made up your lifetime together. Bring this joy into the new traditions you begin that are meant to honor your late dad.


You may still feel sad on Father’s Day, and that’s okay. Losing someone you loved as much as your dad is never easy, but by trying to focus on the good, your tears will eventually turn into smiles as you remember all of the precious memories the two of you shared.


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