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What Do You Do with a Loved One’s Fingerprint?


Each individual fingerprint tells the story of the person it belongs to. The pattern formed by the lines and grooves is unique to one person only, making the fingerprint incredibly meaningful. When the fingerprint belongs to a Loved One who has passed away, it can become even more significant.


Why a Lost Loved One’s Fingerprint is Meaningful

When you see or touch an image of the fingerprint of a Loved One who is no longer with you, you will be reminded of the love you shared and comforted by the bond that continues to endure. You can run your fingers along the ridges and find strength in holding their presence near.


Even though your Loved One may be gone, the essence of who they were and the legacy they left behind can be represented through their unique fingerprint.


What to Do with a Loved One’s Fingerprint

If you have access to an image of a Loved One’s fingerprint, there are ways you can use it to help you continue to feel close to their spirit.


Create Your Own Fingerprint Jewelry

Carry your Loved One with you each and every day by having their fingerprint engraved on custom Jewelry. Fingerprint Jewelry is a beautiful, heartfelt way to bring their memory wherever you go. Hold hands with them with a Fingerprint Ring or wear them close to your heart with a Fingerprint Pendant or Dog Tag.


Customize a Keepsake Memorial

Personalizing a memorial with the fingerprint of your deceased Loved One is another meaningful way to keep their spirit close. By displaying this Keepsake in your home, you can continue to feel their presence. Choose from gorgeous Fingerprint Christmas Ornaments, Bookmarks, and more.


Personalize a Sympathy Gift for Grieving Family Members

Others who cared for your Loved One can find comfort in sympathy gifts engraved with their fingerprint. When you give these gifts, you’ll help your Loved One’s memory to live on through the people who meant the most to them. A Keepsake Teddy Bear can help recipients to hold your Loved One close as they navigate their grief, while Fingerprint Lapel Pins are a wonderful way for pallbearers and family members to keep your Loved One’s touch with them during visitations and funeral services.


How to Obtain a Deceased Loved One’s Fingerprint

If you don’t have an image of your late Loved One’s fingerprints readily available, there are a couple of ways that you can obtain them.  


  • Family Records: Some records you have on file for your family member may have their fingerprints. Look through any paperwork in your possession to see if there are fingerprints available.
  • Funeral Home: Many funeral homes will take fingerprints on your behalf. You can reach out to them to see if they were taken for your Loved One.


If you have recently lost a Loved One, please accept our deepest and most sincere sympathies. We hope that you can always feel close to their spirit and can find comfort in the memories you shared.