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Why Do People Wear Cremation Jewelry?


One of the most meaningful ways to remember a Loved One who has died is to carry their ashes in a piece of Jewelry.


Cremation Jewelry, which allows for families to stay physically connected to their late Loved One after they’re gone, is an incredibly beautiful type of memorial. Wearers can choose from styles ranging from heart-shaped Urn Necklaces to Gemstone Pendants that hold ashes and more to find a style that is the most special to them.


Why People Wear Cremation Jewelry

Everyone has different reasons for wearing Cremation Jewelry, most of which are deeply personal. Deciding if you want to wear your Loved One’s ashes in Jewelry may take some thought and a little time. If you’re considering it, keep in mind these three popular reasons why it may be right for you:


Cremation Jewelry is a Tangible Way to Keep a Late Loved One Close

There’s nothing more special than holding a Loved One near. After they’re gone, that lack of physical closeness can be one of the hardest things you face. While not a replacement for your living Loved One, Cremation Jewelry can help you to feel them with you once again. Knowing that you carry them wherever you go can bring a sense of much-needed peace as you grieve.


Cremation Jewelry Offers Comfort After Loss

Wearing your Loved One’s ashes in Jewelry can be a comforting reminder of their life and the memories you shared, especially in the days immediately following loss. Many families will choose to wear Cremation Jewelry during funeral or celebration of life services so that they can touch the piece and feel reminded that their Loved One’s spirit is still with them. Memorial Jewelry doesn’t just have to be worn on special occasions though—it can serve as a daily touchpoint to your Loved One that brings unmatched comfort and connection for years to come.


Cremation Jewelry Can be a Meaningful Memorial

Many people will choose to wear Cremation Jewelry as a way to memorialize their Loved One in place of or in addition to traditional memorials like headstones, placards, or benches. Because no two pieces of Cremation Jewelry are the same, just as no two people are the same, they are unique memorials that are truly unlike any other. Many can even be personalized with an engraved fingerprint and inscription or paired with Birthstone Charms or Symbolic Charms that further represent your Loved One’s life.


Stories from Families Who Love Their Cremation Jewelry

We’re so thankful for all of the families who have shared with us how much they love their personalized Cremation Jewelry. Read their stories:


“This is a beautiful Pendant to wear in remembrance of my brother. With his thumbprint, birthstone, and ashes inside, I feel he’s close to me.”

  • Susan D.


“I’ve had my Pendant since 2015. I always wear it every day and it’s just as beautiful today as the day I received it!”

  • J.


“I purchased this Pendant for a family member that recently lost her young husband. I hope it will bring her the comfort I got from the purchase of mine last year when I lost my husband of 42 years. It is a beautiful piece that memorializes a Loved One & keeps them close to your heart.”

  • Kathy H.


“Absolutely beautiful and touching tribute to my mom. So thrilled I chose this item.”

  • Gina C.


“I bought this for my Grandma who lost her son (my Dad) and she absolutely loved it.”

  • Paige S.


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